TESLA Model 3 – five versions

Standard Range

350 km range


(Can only be ordered by telephone or in a Tesla store, not online. So far only in the USA.)

Standard Range Plus

415 km range


Long Range – rear-wheel drive

600 km range


(Can only be ordered by telephone or in a Tesla store, not online.)

Long Range – all-wheel drive

560 km range



530 km range





Current prices can be found on the Tesla website


All versions charge up to 120 km in 5 minutes.

All versions have a glass roof and the autopilot.

available colors

There are currently five colors for the Tesla Model 3 to choose from:


Solid Black, Midnight Silver Metallic, Deep Blue Metallic, Pearl White Multi-Coat and Red Multi-Coat

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available wheels

There are currently two different wheel types on the Tesla Model 3:


– 18” Aero

– 19” Sport


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There is a standard, partial premium and a premium interior. 



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Roof racks, chargers, console foil sets, aluminium foot pedals, charging pad for wireless charging, etc.



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For example, if you don't drive more than 100 km per day on average, you can conveniently charge at a household socket overnight. A full battery is then available every morning.


Charge 10 hours = 100 km

other charging stations (incl. Ionity)

The Model 3 has the electric car charging standard CCS for Europe. So it can use the Ionity fast charging pillars of the German car manufacturers in addition to the superchargers.


Ionity Card }

goingelectric.de Map }


Saving of time

Since you never have to drive to the gas station, refuel, wait and pay again in everyday life, an electric car saves you an enormous amount of time compared to a car with a combustion engine.

Photos and Videos


Photo album

A Google photo album with over 1,800 photos since 2016 

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Tesla Photos & Videos

Photos and video provided for the Tesla press.


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Fully Charged


Origin of electricity and rare earths



The Tesla Superchargers are powered by green electricity.


It is planned to completely disconnect most Superchargers from the power grid and only operate them with solar cells and batteries.

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Rare earths

Tesla does not use rare earths from crisis areas and has its origin and working conditions certified.




Tesla Conflict Mineral Policy

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An electric car makes ecological sense if it is charged with green electricity, i.e. regenerative energy


With electricity from conventional power plants, the electric car no longer has such great ecological advantages over a combustion engine.


The Tesla Model 3 is said to be the safest car in the world.

Eight cameras, one radar and twelve ultrasonic sensors are standard equipment:
Automatic emergency braking, front impact warning, side collision warning, high beam automatic


  Full score in all previous crash tests: NHTSA   


View prevented accidents due to automatic emergency braking on YouTube .



pre-cool & preheat

Never get into a car that is too hot or too cold again. Simply set the desired temperature by app a few minutes before the start of the journey and drive off neither sweating nor freezing.


And never have to scratch ice again.

Automatic main beam

The Tesla Model 3 automatically adjusts the main beam on and off so that the best possible view is always available at night.



Always as much visibility as possible.

No clumsy key

More than the things you carry with you anyway, like your smartphone or your wallet with cards, you don't need it to open the Tesla Model 3.


Just a smartphone or a card.



a lot of storage space

The car has a relatively large boot opening and the rear seats can be folded down completely. In addition to the rear trunk and the trunk under the hood, the Tesla Model 3 has an extra compartment under the rear trunk.

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Trailer hitch

Yes, a trailer coupling can be ordered. It costs 1060 Euro and has a trailer load of 910 kg. In addition a special software is used, which suppresses rolling of the trailer by controlling individual wheel brakes.

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Smartphone dock

In the centre console, any smartphone can be conveniently connected so that it can be recharged or music played while you're driving, while maintaining a fixed, clearly visible position.

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The Tesla Model 3 has all hardware components for the autopilot built in as standard. But only if the autopilot option is purchased can the autopilot, i.e. assisted driving, be used.


Information on the Tesla page

Financing through Sharing

The Tesla Network is the plan to rent your car by clicking on your smartphone. This can be done, for example, to only selected people, to only drivers with five stars or to all.


more information on electrek.co

YouTube Channels


Fully Charged Show

English channel about TESLA, electric cars and renewable energies.

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Now You Know

English channel about the Tesla Model 3, Tesla News and news about electric cars and renewable energies.

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About model3.info

It is our concern to make all information about the, from our point of view, first middle-class electric car suitable for everyday use, clearly and vividly accessible.


It is suitable for everyday use, because you can recharge in an adequate time and that with the only connected store network in the world, the superchargers from Tesla. In addition, charging can of course take place at the "normal" charging points, but for this you have to register with many different charging point providers.


We try to keep all information up to date, but are happy to receive information that is no longer up to date or news that has not yet been included here.


Many thanks to the Tesla team and Elon Musk for their unwavering efforts to promote climate-friendly and thus human-friendly technologies.